Sardinia: Fantastic island for a holiday in the Mediterranean. You want to discover Sardinia? On this page you will find everything you want to know: About beautiful beaches, hotels, apartments, weather or climate, mountain ranges, activities and more about Sardinia. A few years ago it took me to the island. I landed there in the middle of January, not knowing what to expect. And I was fascinated. In the midst of life ... that was a unique opportunity to really get to know Sardinia. The love for the island has grown over the years. Let yourself too be abducted in this uniqueness. Authentic, wild and incredibly diverse; this is how the Isola del Vento (Island of the Wind) presents itself. Whether vibrant city life in the capital - Cagliari - extensive hiking tours, deep blue and turquoise beaches or impressive waves, bizarre rock formations, caves being 500 million years old, wild mountain ranges or romantic villages and rolling fields ... Sardinia has it all and there is much more. Sardinia is also the only land in Italy without seismic activities. Politically speaking, the second largest island in the Mediterranean belongs to Italy (Europe) and is an autonomous region. From a cultural perspective, Sardinia is a very special mixture of all surrounding countries. The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari and it is very worth seeing. So are many other places in Sardinia. Discover the island.


Holiday in north, eash, south or west of Sardinia

Sardinia - The north coast

In the north of Sardinia many holiday destinations and places of interest are waiting for you. The region is characterized by mostly gentle landscapes with granite rocks and some mountains. Flat beaches, small coves and islands as well as the proximity to Corsica make the region attractive. Northern Sardinia is a quite touristic area - boat tours, bars, restaurants, hotels and other amenities are available everywhere along the north coast. But still, there are no large hotel complexes - tourism focuses on apartments, houses and smaller hotels. The following places with their surroundings are to be found along the north coast of Sardinia:

Sardinia - The west coast

Sardinias west coast is a little wilder than the east coast of Sardinia. Stunning cliffs with huge caves as well as sandy beaches and gentle landscapes are to be found along the west coast. The west coast is not only wilder, it is also slightly more green because the clouds coming in from the west usually start raining along the west coast. In springtime sometimes heavy winds are blowing - especially the mistral and it brings impressive waves. Surfers and kiters are making use of this phenomenon. Watching them or participating is a great joy and pleasure. With several mountain ranges like the Iglesiente, Monti Ferru and Monti del Sulcis the west coast offers a great variety of landscapes and activities like hiking and climbing. Former mining, abandoned towns and old mines are also very special about Sardinias west coast. Discover the wild side of Sardinia: The west coast.

Sardinia - The east coast

Also the east coast offers steep cliffs - but only along the Gennargentu mountain range near Cala Gonoen, Orosei and Arbatax. Caves, canyons, underwater caves and the Supramonte/Gennargentu mountains and spectacular beaches being cut into smaller gaps between the rocks - this scenery is simply breathtaking, like from another world. The northern and southern part of the east coast is not that rough. Around Budoni, La Caletta, Santa Lucia and San Teodoro there are extensive sandy beaches, a gentle landscape and shallow bright-blue waters. Villasimius, Costa Rei and Muravera are not too far from the Cagliari airport in the south of Sardinia, so that this part of the east coast can easily be explored by flying via Cagliari. Here sandy beaches and rocky beaches keep changing - like pearls on a necklace you will find one beach after the next. The following villages and their sourroundings offer great opportunities to spend your holiday on Sardinia:

Sardinia - The south coast

The south coast of Sardinia always is a little warmer than other places on the island. Hence during springtime and in autumn the sout coast is your best choice for a beach holiday. Right in the middle of the south you will find Sardinias capital, Cagliari. The city is very worthwhile ... with o lot of interesting places and a city beach as well. Villasimius, Pula, Chia and Porto Pino offer the most wonderful beaches on this world - they are regularly chosen by many international travel magazines for that title. For a good reason. Beaches, mountains, nature reserves, surf spots, hiking trails, historic sites, quiet places or city life - this is what you will find along the south coast of Sardinia. In the heartland of Sardinia the Giara di Gesturi is a high plain that is a home to wild horses - a very unique and exceptional place, not only for the horses. Go and see for yourself:

Holiday in Sardinia: The best places and enjoyment on Sardinia

Beaches, mountain ranges and other places to be

Sardinia has a lot to offer: Fantastic beaches, numerous regions for a great holiday, mountain ranges, historic sites up to 6,000 years old, towns and villages, museums and diving spots as well as wonderful surfing oder diving spots.

Eating and drinking on Sardinia: Cuisine

Sardinians find enjoyment very important. That includes eating and drinking. Food and the wines of Sardinia score high. And at fair prices. On the coast there are fish, shellfish, seafood and the like. Off the coast people prefer rather hearty meals with cheese, olives, meat or fruits and vegetables. You take your time to eat on the island and eat in several courses.

Arrival, Accomodation, History, Transportation and much more around your holiday on Sardinia

Good to know about Sardinia

A trip to Sardinia is usually associated with some questions in advance. How about the drinking water? Is the internet working and how can I access it? When sould you go to Sardinia? Is there anything interesting about Sardinias history or what is the weather like? Find my answers right here.

Arrival and Accomodation

Getting to Sardinia and staying on Sardinia: How to get to Sardinia - by plane or by ferry. There are a lot of things to consider about hotels, holiday apartments and holiday homes to be on the safe side. A rental car is usually necessary to discover the island. A bike, motorbike or camper van is another option for your journey.

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